COMPUTER VISION: The eyes of technology


This Webinar took place in January 2021

The eyes of technology are upon us!
What can they see? What can they do with that information? How is this technology disrupting the world?
Check below what happened during our conversation with Speakers from Intel, Milestone, and Dell!


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Cameras are everywhere, now imagine adding technology that can give computers possibilities to analyze the environment, what does this mean for the cities? How can this be used in our cars?

Join us in this Tech Tag and put on your glasses, you are going to need them!

Introduction to Computer Vision with


OpenVINO toolkit is a free toolkit facilitating the optimization of a deep learning model

This presentation aims to show you what OpenVINO and IR are plus what and what kind of deep learning models you can use, explain what the Model Optimizer and the Inference Engine are. We will try to give you the pros and cons of this framework.
In short, you will get almost all the information you need to start trying Intel’s OpenVINO.


Optimizing business processes with the Power of VideO 

Milestone Systems is a global leader within open platform video management software (VMS)

During this session, we discuss how open platform technology provides security and how it improves business processes and efficiency for end-users powered by Intel Open Vino technology.





The role of data in visual recognition for ADAS/AD development

Advanced Driving Support System for autonomous driving

The future of autonomous vehicles depends on visual recognition algorithms developed using real world computer vision video data. When designing and putting computer vision into production, engineering and IT teams must work hand in hand to consider the infrastructure investments in storage, compute and networking required to run advanced analytical functions.


Featured keynote Speakers

Meet the speakers of the online event!

Catalin Gheorghiu

Intel Software Innovator

Catalin Gheorghiu is a solution architect from Romania. The current interests are in the area of (I)IoT, industrial mobile and cloud solutions. In addition to addressingsoftware development and architecture, is a trainer and consultant. In his spare time is member of the technical community, contributing with articles and blogs (signed MrSmersh), presentations to several user groups/meetups (also is RONUA Timisoara user group leader), and lecturing all over Romania and abroad.

Florian Baumann

CTO – Automotive & AI at Dell Technologies

Dr. Florian Baumann works as a CTO specializing in Automotive & AI at Dell Technologies. He is an industry recognized expert for the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence who chairs many industry events and frequently visits with leading OEMs and Tier 1s. His responsibility is to support companies in the development process of ADAS functionalities and self-driving cars. Previously, he was the technical director of ADASENS Automotive in Germany and focused on ADAS development. Florian received his PhD with a focus on Machine Learning applied to scene understanding. He has published more than 20 papers and patents.

Roy Band

Community Manager at Milestone Systems 

Driving strategic initiatives and developing business with the Milestone Systems community technology partners. Over 18 year of experience in the video surveillance industry developing skills in video and IP technology, solution selling in B2B environment and vertical industries.

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