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WHAT are you going to learn?

Tech Tag is the day of the month when the topics suggested by you get the stage! Such as:


You probably heard of this one, but if this only makes you think about Bitcoin you will be very far from the main capabilities of this tech. 

Visual recognition

With mayor companies fighting to reach the top of the latter, new technologies are being developed with different markets being explored like automotive and security.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the largest topics in the sector. This is a branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Internet Privacy

With GDPR upon us and tech giants fighting to get your information, it seems that there’s little to do about your privacy but with us, you will learn how to be a silent surfer!

How does Tech Tag Work?

Join the discussion with a panel of experts about the hottest topics in technology today.

Create your network of ideas with talented professionals, tech enthusiasts, startups, hobbyist and field specialists.


Meet the Experts

This is the chance to deep dive into the most trending tech topics. Ask your questions directly to the best experts.

Solutions Showcase

Tech companies will present their products & solutions and you will be able to drink a beer with them at the end. This is the perfect time to exchange business cards, expand your network, and create new links.

Live Product Demos

Get to know better the companies products and solutions. Demonstration desks will be set, so you can get closer to their tech.

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